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Here's Your Sign

Astrology has a wide appeal, and even unbelievers are usually aware of their "sign". This cute, light hearted effect plays on that fact. and it provides a chuckle or two as it entertains your close-up audience. THE EFFECT: Your participant thinks of their astrological "sign" and after only a few statements, you tell them the name of their sign. Casting a "spell" over a pack of Zodiac cards, you deal the cards face up as you spell the name of your helper's sign and place the card spelled to face down. After you give a few brief reading about their character, they turn over the card face up to reveal that their sign is a "traffic sign". Mentioning that you removed their card from the packet earlier, you pull their card from your pocket. IT'S VERSATILE!! The first two phases of this effect can be used separately or together if you don't want to perform the entire three phase routine. The "reading" can be varied, since there are three traffic sign cards to chose from. Comes complete with everything you need, 2 sets of zodiac cards, 3 traffic sign cards, gimmicks and complete instructions and at this price, what a bargain!

A limited edition and only $15.00 

Uncanny Mental Balloons

Audience appeals should never be overlooked, and adding color action, and novelty will definitely enhance your mentalism act. This novel routine with balloons is certainly colorful, has some surprising action at the climax, and it's an entertaining fooler.

A small paper bag is shown containing several colors of deflated balloons. A spectator selects one of the balloons, showing it to the audience while the performers back is turned. (No peeks used). The performer displays a length of rope to which an inflated balloon of each color is tied to it. The spectator is asked to concentrate on the color balloon they selected and the performer reveals the correct color. Then the performer urges the audience to all concentrate upon that color and in a demonstration of mind over matter, the correct colored balloon falls of the rope.

Comes complete with full instructions, balloons, rope and bag. $15.00

Banner - THE Ultimate Prediction effect

Looking for that extra edge for publicity? Want to gain newspaper and television prominence? Then you need Banner, Jack Dean's adaptation of Al Koran's "Insight Spectacular". Koran's effect was limited to lottery numbers but not this new and improved version. Imagine, A week or so before your performance, you mail your prediction to your "host", ask them to sign it and seal it into an envelope and to keep it in a safe place and then bring it to the upcoming performance. As your prediction is in code, if they try to read it before hand it does not matter as it is in code that they will not understand yet. This encoding of the prediction keeps the contents secret until the actual event. During your show you build up to the fact that your prediction has been kept secret and guarded. The host is provided with a special code book to "decode" your prediction and is then asked to read aloud your prediction where everyone hears that it is a close approximation of that day's newspaper headline. Comes complete with full instructions, envelopes, papers, stickers and special code book.

Inexpensive at only  $45.00 

Dimension X

YOU ARE INVITED to a reception in your honour given by your audience when you present Jack Dean's DIMENSION X. A classic miracle made easy for you!!! In the 1920's, Ted Annemann released his classic Fourth Dimensional Telepathy, now commonly called The Three Envelope Test. With this NEW and DIFFERENT routine has eliminated many of the past weaknesses and looks as close to the "real thing" as is possible as well as been simplified for ease of handling. Switching tiny billets, chemicals, window envelopes and pre-show work have all been eliminated. You'll love the 21st Century's version of this classic effect, and you'll find the new concepts employed to be valuable elsewhere too. THE EFFECT: Three participants are each given a 3"X 5" card. Helper No. 1 makes any simple drawing on his card. You show a pack of arithmetic flash cards, each bearing a different simple math problem, and you work a couple of these as demonstrations. Volunteer No. 3 mixes the flash cards, selects one, solves the problem and writes the results on his card. You riffle through a dictionary for participant No. 2 and stop upon his command. He peeks at the word on the top of the page and writes it on his card. Each card is inserted into a coin envelope and you write each participant's initials on the face of their envelopes which are placed on display. You concentrate and write something on a large pad, which is placed aside. You pick up envelope No.3,remove the card, read out the number, and show it. When you display the large pad, the correct number is seen to be written on it. You read the thoughts of No.2, write on the pad, and place it aside again. Envelope No.2 is opened, you read the word on the card, and you show it to the audience. You then reveal that you've written the same word on the pad. Claiming to have difficulty in receiving No. 1's thoughts, you have him make his drawing again, but larger this time, on another pad. You both draw, and when both drawings are shown they are seen to match. Comes ready-to-work, with envelopes, cards, markers, dictionary, flash cards, pads, and comprehensive instructions and routine.



From an early effort to combine Syl Reilly's "Brain Echo" and Hen Fetsch's "Mental Epic" comes Jack Dean's "Brain Spree". A versatile version of the triple prediction that requires NO FORCE of the third item plus some clever and unique subtleties are employed along the way. THE EFFECT: You write a prediction on a cardboard, place it in envelope number "1" and set it aside. Some 4 1/2" X 7" number cards are shown, mixed and distributed to three audience members who each select a secret number card from their packets. Your second prediction goes into envelope number "2". Another spectator makes a free choice of a paperback novel. The last prediction goes into envelope number "3". The three chosen digits are revealed, your helper turns to that page in their book and remembers the first word on that page. The card in envelope number "1" is shown to predict the three digit number, envelope "2" contains the book that is selected and envelope "3" forecasts the word chosen. This limited edition comes complete with envelopes, Mylar laminated cards, a crayon pencil, the number cards, full instructions , everything BUT the paperbacks as you can use any (which can also be given away at the end of your performance as they are ungimmicked). Forget about Mental Epic and other magicy looking props, look like you can do the REAL thing and start performing Brain Spree NOW.



Minimum effort-maximum effect! Now you can perform the "A Day for Any Date" effect with only a minimum of effort. You can impress your audience as a calendar savant without the lightning calculations or mnemonic coding previously required, and you add a prediction at the end as a kicker. THE EFFECT: Someone calls out any date within a span of 250 years. It can be a birth date, a wedding date, an anniversary, a historical event, or any other important occasion. You concentrate and announce the day of the week that the chosen date fell upon, as you move an adjustable calendar (a visual aid) to show that month. A book of calendars is used by a helper for verification. After naming the day for dates called by a couple of spectators, you show an envelope and place it upon display. One more date is called and you announce the day for that date, which is immediately verified. You remove a cardboard from the envelope and turn it to reveal that you have predicted the same day. This extremely limited edition is complete with an 8 1/2" X 14" adjustable calendar, a book of calendars, envelope, cards, a marker and full instructions for this amazing feat.



Here's your chance! Now you can shatter your audience while you entertain them. The master mentalist, that's you, presents a streamlined demonstration of mind control, using a copy of Reader's Digest and a stunned member of your audience. The participant does all the work - you just instruct them as to what to do. Then you get all the applause. THE EFFECT: You riffle through the pages of a magazine and stop upon command. You tear out the selected page and hand it to a volunteer, who creases it across the centre and tears it in half. They decide to keep one half and discard the other. This is repeated until they are left with an eighth of a page. The participant touches the centre of the page fragment and looks at the word beneath their fingertip. You discern a letter or two and then announce the word. You can also show a prediction which reveals the selected word if you desire. A new combination! This is a mixture of an old effect with an old method, but you'll find this new combination simplifies the working and actually strengthens the effect. You use no switches, secret additions, confederates, counting of pieces, or counting to a word, BUT THE PRESENTATION DOES REQUIRE THAT YOU BE AN EXPERIENCED PERFORMER.

Ready-to-work, with a magazine, 24 refills, and detailed instructions. $30.00 

Additional Refills are available in a 24 pack for $10.00 

Mind Over Number

By Richard Busch, the 2002 Psychic Entertainers Association's Creativity Award Winner. MIND OVER NUMBER is both a clever effect and method which invites a participant to literally think of a number and then, think it out of existence. The exact effect witnessed is the vanish of their thought, in plain view. The method is simple to do, and forms the basis of a brief, easy to read and understand treatise on performance mentalism. Used as a teaching example, the text, pictures, and actual dialogue illustrate the components and psychological approach that Busch is known for. No sleight of hand or moves. Just thought, words, and the elegant simplicity and directness you want for your performance pieces.

If you liked NUMBER ... PLEASE ?, you'll want MIND OVER NUMBER. $25.00 


Have you ever wanted to reveal your audience's zodiac without resorting to pumping, pre-show, impression devises or any other kind of information gathering? If so, this is what you have been looking for. You drop a small, folded piece of paper containing a message written especially for your participant into a mug for safekeeping. Your participant then reveals their zodiac sign and from a pack of zodiac cards, you remove their sign and drop it into the mug to join your slip of paper. You begin to explain how astrology can explain birth traits, personalities, etc. and when you remove the card and paper, seen upon the paper is a horoscope written specifically for the person's zodiac sign. A very strong effect alone and when combined with some extra cold reading, makes for an absolute stunner.

Comes complete with special cards, mug, and everything else you need. $25.00 


Humour AND a prediction make for a very entertaining yet astounding routine. By taking advantage of the built-in humour of those outlandish headlines that are splashed across the front pages of the tabloid newspapers, you can baffle your audience and amuse them at the same time when you predict a tabloid's headlines. Most of these headlines used are actual ones taken from "The Weekly World News" where you are assured of outrageous and funny headlines. You show a number of examples of headlines from several outrageous tabloid newspapers. One of these is selected by chance and placed on display. A cassette is played, and your dictated message is heard by all, as you predict the chosen headline.

Comes complete with everything you need except an actual tape player. $20.00 


What do you do in a totally impromptu situation when someone asks you to "do something?", Well now you have something in your arsenal to do just that. This can be performed totally or seemingly impromptu, depending upon whether or not you carry this with you or borrow what is needed. You remove various items from your pocket or borrow them from some participants. You think of one of the items and write your choice down, placing it upon the table. Have a participant touch one of the objects. Repeat this several times and show that the participant was correct each time.

Comes complete with everything you need including items for the pocket such as a pocket knife, nail clippers, comb, lighter, a pen, prediction cards and full instructions. $20.00 


You speak briefly of ESP and mind power, and you offer to conduct an experiment to test your volunteer's psychic ability. You draw a simple geometric design on a white card and they attempt to discern what it is. Regardless of the outcome, it is now your turn to try, so your participant secretly draws a geometric figure. You read their thoughts and replicate the design on another card. This is a tried and proven method which has been embellished with a few innovative twists, and a unique handling and presentation. You will appreciate the subtleties and nuances utilized. And if you desire, instead of using the blank cards provided, you can use your own business cards so that you can leave them with your participants afterwards.

Comes complete with everything you need including business card case. $15.00 


Unique and Entertaining, this unique idea adds new life to an ancient principle, resulting in a clean, strong, entertaining and baffling piece of mentalism. THE EFFECT: You freely show a number of mulit-coloured baggage tags, all from different countries. These are mixed and a rubber band is wrapped around them. Three spectators each take the stack of tags, peek at the name of a city and remember it. You then dramatically reveal the names of the three selected cities. A terrific opener for your act! As you know, good openers are hard to find and here is a terrific opener for your mental act that has impact and entertainment value. No worry! There are no short cards, no cards glued together and it's foolproof in working. In fact it's practically self-working, so you don't have to worry about it and can put all of your effort into the presentation.

Comes complete with the baggage tags, rubber bands and full instructions, plus a very low price of only $20.00 



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