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PIQUE - A risqué and humorous close-up magic

Here is a low cost, novel close-up effect that's clever, humorous, and just slightly risqué without being offensive. While not a great mystery, it IS a neat puzzler and it will "pique" the audience's interest while it entertains them. Four oddly shaped cards are produced and laid out on the table to form a picture of a key hole. To see what is on the other side of the key hole, the performer picks up the pieces, turns them over and requests a participant reassemble them but when the puzzle is completed (a picture of a coy, naked girl

but there seems to be a missing piece to the puzzle, the part just below her waist. Looking around, the performer finds the missing part but nothing is revealed as the word "censored" is seen to cover the piece. Very cute, inexpensive and comes complete with specially printed cards and humorous patter.




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