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The Equivoque Choice

The Equivoque Choice by Jack Dean; When properly applied this
is one of the most powerful tools in a mentalist's arsenal (and when done poorly
is transparent and useless). This monograph examines this principle by looking
at it's components, the various techniques employed - for better or worse - by
others, some of the effects possible, and the recommended system that tempers
Gene Grant's "Phantinism" with Tony Corrinda's pithy, pungent, and concise
comments and advice. A number of approaches are presented, culminating with the
most effective combination of the best techniques, procedures, and principles.

35 pages, spiral bound. $20.00

Mainly Mental - Volume 3 - One-Man Routines

Mainly Mental Volume Three - One-man Routines by C.L. Boarde. This incredible book full of original routines by one of mentalism's great writers C.L. Boarde who gave us Mainly Mental Vol. 1, considered to be the encyclopedia of billet work and Mainly Mental Vol. 2, considered to be the definitive work on Book Tests has provided us with another outstanding work. A compilation of his original routines, each woven around it's own central theme and are designed for performance in the home, office or similar settings. Some of the effects are for one sitter, others for a few people, some for small groups.

30+ effects are contained within these 145 pages.
Spiral bound.  Price only $40.00

One on One Mentalism

One on One Mentalism by C. L. Boarde; After an absence of many years, Boarde' is back with a manuscript on mentalism with business cards. Includes a chapter on Ray Piatt's Caper-Case 2000. Besides the routines, you'll find Boarde's often controversial maunderings, reminiscences and opinions.

Comb bound, 106 pages. $40.00

Psychic Sight

Psychic Sight by Jack Dean; This is required reading for anyone that does blindfold work or someone who wants to begin doing blindfold work. Chapters include "The Basic Blindfold Act", "The Buxian Blindfold" (The Kuda Bux act with dough covering the eyes), "PSItfold", "Dr. Jaks' Lightning Forgery" and much more.

Spiral Bound, 29 pages. $20.00 

"Can You Keep A Secret?"

Can You keep a Secret? Now in it's second printing AND UPDATED with some new material. After you finish reading these information packed pages, your audiences will wonder if they can keep one from you. Mentalist, magician, lecturer and psychic entertainer Paul Alberstat gives you many of his own pet routines from both his magic performances and from his own mentalism shows. There are card effects, prediction effects, book tests, his personal handling of various effects, and his unique insight and personal views on various subjects including "starting a career as a magician", "Mentalism 101" and "Creating the Legend". All hard hitting, direct, real world routines and not pipe dreams direct from Canada's leading Mentalist and entertainer. Well received by industry leaders including Rex Sikes, Richard Busch, Larry Becker, Tony Razzano and many more.


For Grandmas, Grandpas

For Grandmas, Grandpas and everyone guiding kids to magic-land By Rosemary Atwell Haire; is a book where she delightfully recounts her adventures in guiding her grandson along the hazard-strewn road to Magic. Not only will you see how Rosemary developed a new hobby and special relationship with Michael, but she tells you how to follow in her footsteps and do the same. Even if you are a seasoned magical performer, and you do kid's shows, you too can benefit from the tips, hints, comments on what plays and what doesn't for kids, the advice on themeing your shows, the practical examples of themed programs, and how you can twist a standard effect to fit a theme.

Spiral bound, 81 pages. $20.00 

Soothsayer - THE book on verbal predictions

Soothsayer by Jack Dean, A treatise on the Verbal Prediction. Within these pages you will find the means to simulate and tell your audiences what is beyond tomorrow. Included in this incredible treatise on what David Hoy (Dr. Faust) called "Hurling the headlines", are methods, graphical data and some verbal predictions that you can start to use and soon you too will be hurling the headlines. 47 pages,

spiral bound. $20.00 

The Enforcer

The Enforcer by Jack Dean, a spiral bound, 27 page book full of fresh applications for the simple forcing tool of the plain covered, spiral bound loose leaf memo books. Both the strict force and the ranging force are well covered with 15 practical uses and effects. Highly recommended for those that like such things as the Add-a-number effect, BUT there are so many more applications that without this booklet you will be missing out on some great mentalism.


FouRings - A unique Linking Ring Routine

FouRings - A unique Linking Ring Routine by Jack Dean. This is Jack Dena's pet Linking Ring routine. Four solid stainless steel rings link, unlink, penetrate your arm, jump from arm to arm, and equal sized rings pass through each other. The "link" travels from one pair of rings to another, and chains of three and four are formed. No Key ring is used. If you do linking rings and you want something different, this is what you have been looking for.

Spiral bound notes. $10.00 

The Mentalist - A Complete Collection

Over 40 years ago, with a small mailing list of loyal followers and some of Mentalism's top contributors, Jack Dean allowed this small publication to make its way into circulation. And, after it had ceased publication after several years only a few sets we sold and it seemed to have disappeared into the darkness. That is until NOW!!!! All 33 issues plus the unfinished issue 34 are reproduced clearly and concisely with permission from Dean's family.
The little known complete file of THE MENTALIST has finally been made available in a limited run. With over 140 pages and contributors that included U. F. Grant, T.A. Waters, Nick Trost, Eddie Clever, Jack Dean, Dai Vernon, and many more, these pages are packed full of good workable mentalism that is now ready for a brand new audience. This is one publication that should be on everyone's bookshelf and not to be missed.
I say. Yep, you need to own this. Much of this material has turned up in work of the modern guys and you will find all kinds of ideas and principles hidden away in Brand new and unread. (I bought an extra one for a friend and he had one already).

over 140 pages. $40.00 


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